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Leading the charge in IT and cybersecurity services for modern enterprises

Safeguarding modern enterprises in the digital era and helping you navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Products & Services



Digital TransformatioN

Our business & solution architects help you transform your business

for the required agility and customer centricity of the digital age.

Digital Security


Our security and enterprise mobility experts help you manage end to end application and data security while maintaining the business agility and user experience intact



We do not believe in technology-first approach. Our devops credits co-creation and ease of adoption as fundamental framework for building systems and applications



We enable the environment which allow companies to draw on complimenting skills of multiple stakeholders, increase efficiencies and unlock the hidden potential   

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We take pride in our unique Innovation approach, a cross capability team with industry and operational expertise that helps our clients pilot and adopt new technologies that spark digital transformation. Through research, incubation and prototyping, Yottabyte helps its clientele to connect the dots and add value to their business by streamlining operations and generating revenue. 

Our team of professionals specialize in leveraging the latest information technology and artificial intelligence tools that harness the power of data, build a digital culture, modernize core technology, create stunning digital experiences, turbo-charge marketing & sales and optimize operations.  


We assess your needs, develop the most cost-effective strategy, design the blueprint for digital transformation and provides the roadmap to success while simultaneously ensuring your technology, business processes and workforce remain integrated.

Digital Transformation

Security & Mobility


The emergence of mobile platforms within the enterprise has given a paradigm shift to the business model. Enterprise Mobility Systems have enabled business professionals, mobile workers and field staff to remain productive at time and place indefinite with critical data and information at their disposal.


Our offering of the Enterprise Mobility Solution is powered by a Unified Management Service that has the potential to transform organizations by changing the way businesses maintain their data, devices, and users​ thereby adding value and boosting ROI. 

We ensure data integrity and confidentiality through a dynamic cyber security solution arming the businesses with defense mechanisms that are able to detect the stealthiest cyber-attacks, ransomwares/malwares, maintain identity-driven security and hence defending against the emerging AI-powered security threats of the future

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Today business needs digitally enabled environment  to handle  end-to-end business process necessary to achieve the improved experience for customers, employees, and partners.

We believe that Digital platforms cut across traditional organizational structures, silos and policies, to enable the customer centric business model, different mindset, and a different set of policies and processes.

In conjunction with our Innovation Lab and digital transformation team, our architects and devops use the most advance tools and techniques to develop customized digital platforms and applications which helps in managing the customer satisfaction and avoid churn.



We are Nurturing growth and leadership capacity  through focused efforts towards capacity building, smart investment, corporate talent development and community discourse based on specific context, policies and programs.

Capitalizing on the deep resources of highly curated networking forums, promoting connections that forge new strategic partnerships, hiring the right talent, and meeting investors.


Our workshops, demos, classes, and conferences offer the unique ability to make game-changing connections while boosting the skills you need to scale your venture or adapt to the right product-market fit.


Through our exclusive reach to the companies offering holistic advisory services, we provide a platform for individuals and companies to reach and align function optimization, orchestrating the best rhythm to match your needs



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