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DevOps & Why Does Your Business Need It

Are you a business-minded person, start-up owner, or established enterprise? You must be very well aware that in the digital era, organizations shall better jump on to the more collaborative and efficient approach to achieve goals. DevOps is one of the fastest software development and operations management approaches toward the swift achievement of business objectives.

From faster development of software & applications to organizational management approach, DevOps is blending Development (Dev) and Operations (Op) segments of businesses.

State of DevOps report 2021 shared findings on the highly evolved firms' benefits from top-down enablement of bottom-up transformation.

'Fewer than 2% of high-evolution organizations report resistance to DevOps from the executive level. While only 3% of mid-evolution organizations report resistance, half (30%) as many in that cohort report that DevOps is actively promoted compared to 60% of high-evolution organizations.'

Another finding suggests that most enterprises are stuck in mid-level DevOps evolution.

However, 'The State of IT Modernization' by IDG indicates that 26% of organizations are reaping unavoidable benefits after completing their primary phases of IT Modernization.

Let us see how your business can benefit from DevOps or why DevOps is important in the digital era?

Gain productivity and higher collaboration between teams

DevOps brings uninterrupted communication, which in return results in improved business agility. DevOps promotes detection, solution, and maintenance of security breaches that hit data during a project's development. It increases the departments' productivity, as they will have more time to focus on other projects, which might have been overshadowed.

Innovation, Creativity & Rich Client Experience

DevOps enhances delivery, and deployment frequency 200x folds. This leaves IT professionals, with more time to work on a creative project which will boost the business' creative development and innovative ideas to improve existing systems.

The increased workflow will enhance a company's business and client satisfaction as more projects are completed in less time and more efficiently, which is a great attraction for customers and the company. Incorporating DevOps in your business' daily practice will lead to better quality service, uninterrupted and quick response to queries.

Unity results in enhanced product

DevOps provides unified results as the development and operating services provide a cumulative result towards and for a single project. Therefore, nullifying conflict of interest and thus efficiently working on a project and meeting deadlines. This will result in teams having a crystal clear idea of the goal they have to achieve.

Smooth Change Management & Smooth Release Cycles

Change management is when a business' leadership changes its internal practices and helps its employees during this change.

Using DevOps, a company can streamline its internal and external processes through automation and uninterrupted communication.

Today's market does not race for timely delivery of projects alone but requires teams to consistently deliver quality products/services with the shortest possible release cycles.

DevOps Automation & Security of the Business

DevOps pays excellent emphasis on automation, which efficiently responds to and catches errors in codes to even threats in security firewalls of the company, which are hard to detect by the naked eye.

The automated system enhances security and alert and aids both the development and operating teams take action against the problems more efficiently and quickly.

With DevOps, two teams are simultaneously in sync with one another, thus, enhancing the security through

continuous monitoring of two teams as more people are revising and checking leads to improved security and a broader perspective on security and how to enhance it in the longer run.

DevOps is an excellent investment for the present and future; it is a tool that, when harnessed to perfection, will provide unparalleled results for the employees and business.

At Yottabyte, we help our clients redefine their business strategy from development to delivery and boost error-free releases and deployments. Our DevOps credits co-creation and ease of adoption as a fundamental framework for building systems and applications. Our architects and DevOps use the most advanced tools and techniques to develop customized digital platforms and applications, which helps manage customer satisfaction and avoid churn.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get tailored DevOps solutions for your enterprise at


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